Smart content

Most chatbot platforms are focussed on the technology and way of training. But the content, such as questions, answers and more human interaction are often coming at the end of the story. As a result, the User eXperience is poor again. ContentForces uses humans as bot “partners” to accelerate machine learning and ensure that bots are learning “the right things” from humans.

Domain focused

The number of chatbot platforms is growing. These platforms share the property that you can use them over all domains. You can make an ecommerce bot on the same platform as a recruitment bot. That makes the User eXperience poor. ContentForces focuses on specific domains with their clients which improves the User eXperience significantly.

Multilingual Natural Language Understanding

Starting and keeping a conversation in natural language is challenging. It is much harder to understand language than to create a story, because there so many variations of people talking or writing. On top of that, there are so many languages. The more generic platforms from the tech giants are focusing on the mainstream languages. ContentForces is able to focus on smaller languages and train the chatbot for certain domains based on their technology.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is hot, AI is the focus. Here at ContentForces, we believe that AI is not a solution, but a tool to make the bot capable of holding an intelligent, two-way conversation. It must understand what people mean and want to do within the domain. It is all about the User eXperience. Chatting like chatting with a smart human.

Omnichannel conversational UI

Channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Skype but also Slack are very popular with chatbots. But chatbots will create a great User eXperience only when you can communicate over multiple channels. It may also include more traditional communication as websites and apps. Here at ContentForces, we believe bots are a central cognitive brain, deployed across a number of channels – messaging applications, mobile applications, web searches, chat applications and social media.


Last but not least, what about the security? For businesses it is very important to know who has access to the data that is sent to the chatbot and if it is secure.

For users in an omnichannel environment it is important to have a simple but secure identification. It can be a login, but it might also be integrated with other identification systems like for example fingerprints or eye scans.

At ContentForces, we use our own technology, which means we are in full control of the security.

Conversation is the new interface

ContentForces helps you strategize and deliver impactful chat (recruitment) marketing campaigns and engage conversational chat bots, combined with intelligent apps and websites.

Personalized conversations provide scalable reach in a powerful new channel, allowing recruiters, brands and publishers to communicate with their audiences and acquire new customers and job candidates.


A process of continuous improvement for AdWords campaigns and other channels.

Full service online operation for DJO websites.

Full service online operation for STAP portal and chatbot.

A process of continuous improvement for all channels including AdWords, referral, display and Social Media.

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