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CF ChatBots

ContentForces creates chatbots that drive a more natural conversation with users than traditional channels ever can do. The chatbot personalizes and automates the experience and interaction with your users. ContentForces ads personality to conversation in a two-way dialogue that provides high benefits. This way audiences are increasingly glued and engaged to chat apps. And besides of that landing pages, websites and apps will drive traffic via Social Media and search channels

CF Apps

ContentForces is very experienced in managing content with many products, in many languages. Combined with personalization including personalized search, ContentForces creates very powerful apps for users eventually directly combined with websites and chatbots for a personalized conversation.

CF Websites

ContentFores initially started in 2004 with a focus on product content management as base for websites. Soon after the start channels like AdWords, Content Marketing (including SEO) and Social Media were integrated and provided the first personalized experience for the user. Besides of easy accessible content by personalized navigation and search, the (mobile) websites can be used to create personalized landing pages, created by advanced algorithms to provide a the start of a customized content user experience. The customized experience can be directed to an app and/or a chatbot.

CF Labs

ContentForces provide custom data services to unlock and visualize your (big) data and create personalized and/or predictive models. Unstructured data like text, will be processed with Natural Language Processing and Word2Vec. ContentForces uses Machine Learning methods like Naive Bayes Classifier (supervised learning) and deep learning (unsupervised learning) to make your data sources valuable.


A process of continuous improvement for AdWords campaigns and other channels.

Full service online operation for Compex websites and shops.

Full service online operation for DJO websites.

A process of continuous improvement for all channels including AdWords, referral, display and Social Media.

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