Chatbot technology to enrich
your ATS & CRM

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Talent sourcing

Find more of the best talent, faster and GDPR proof.
Our tools and services helps to match and grow your candidate database with double opt-in (according GDPR).

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Lead sourcing

Find leads, faster and GDPR proof
Our tools and services helps to discover and grow your profile database with double opt-in (according GDPR).

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Make your data GDPR proof

Is your CRM or candidate data already GDPR proof? Our tools using our in house developed chatbot combined with our services helps to get double opt-in on your present profiles and make it GDPR proof.

Data cleaning

Does your CRM or ATS contains not needed data? Our tools using Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning eventually combined with services are very efficient to remove not used information, in the way to create a clean database that doesn’t store too much data (for GDPR).

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Now your ATS or CRM became a perfect, GPDR proof database. But how to find and match profiles in the limited database? Our search & match tool is the perfect solution. As the tha profiles and leads are classified, you are not fully dependable of semantic search anymore but based on similarities. You can search or simply get a shortlist, based on a lead.

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