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ContentForces + Content Artificial Intelligence

to engage your audience with more relevant
products, services and job openings.

About ContentForces

ContentForces started in 1999 with web development. Soon it moved to Content Management and mobile development for Psion devices which resulted in Product Information (Content) Management (PIM). PIM is extended with Artificial Intelligence driven software to connect people with relevant products- and job openings.

AI - Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning

ContentForces Research & Development is focused on Natural Language Processing based on Machine Learning. ContentForces is able to let a machine read the text or get the intent of a text. It develops and trains its own tools but if needed in combination with existing platforms like Google or Amazon.

Product Information Management

ContentForces developed a Product Information Management (PIM) Platform, in which product content can be stored in a central catalog. On top the platform product websites (for example in Drupal), ecommerce website (for example in Magento) can be created.

AdWords & Social advertising

Is your CRM or candidate data already GDPR proof? Our tools using our in house developed chatbot combined with our services helps to get double opt-in on your present profiles and make it GDPR proof.

Vacancy Matching

ContentForces provides technology based on Natural Language Processing that can automated match vacancies with Linkedin profiles or CV's without training of the system. In combination with it's chatbot technology, ContentForces is able to find the right profiles with a batch of vacancies and send these profiles an automated but personal message.

Chatbot 'intent' technology

ContentForces developend it's "trainable" chatbot technology, integrated with Facebook Messenger and Telegram. The technology also is used to generate personal messages based on matched CV's and very relevant vacancies.

GDPR compliant

All our solutions are GDPR compliant.


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